Suzuki is offering new car buyers cash discounts of up to £480 to offset the new car tax reforms introduced on 1 April that have pushed up VED prices of low CO2 cars. The discount offsets the higher car tax rates for three years; it is given in full when the car is bought.

The campaign is offered on all Suzuki models, except the Swift – both the outgoing current car (of which stocks are low) and the upcoming new model that launches on June 1st. Savings are for private customers only, but are included alongside any other special offers available on Suzuki models.

Savings aren’t huge, but help overcome the ire of customers who previously paid little or nothing for low-emission cars. The Celerio Dualjet, for example, emits 84g/km CO2; previously, road tax for this model was free, but now it faces a £100 first year charge and then an annual charge of £140. Suzuki thus offers a total discount of £380 to offset all this.

A Suzuki Vitara 1.6 Allgrip automatic, with CO2 emissions of 130g/km, has an increased discount of £480 to reflect the higher charges imposed. As this model previously didn’t enjoy free road tax, the discount is actually a more significant saving – buyers of Suzukis emitting more than 100g/km CO2 will actually now be better off.

This offer, and all other Suzuki campaigns, remain in place until June 2017. And don’t spend the discount all at once, adds Suzuki: they’re giving customers the money but they’re not responsible for paying the road tax when it’s due…

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