Richard Hammond and James May are back again. Well, Jeremy Clarkson is not joining them this time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be fun. Trust us.

During their latest appearance, the former Top Gear-hosting duo is participating in an entertaining experiment that involves three of our most favourite things in the world – Lego, vodka, and cars. Here’s how it works – Hammond and May had to build a model from the Lego Technic series, while being asked different car questions. A right answer means work on the model can continue, but a wrong answer leads to – bang, a shot of a transparent liquid. The bottle’s label says it’s not vodka for legal reasons, but it is indeed vodka.

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The experiment was broadcasted on the Facebook page of Drivetribe, an automotive social media website, and, to make things even better, the questions were sourced from the readers’ comments. We won’t spoil it for you, so just have a nice drink (probably vodka), relax, and enjoy – it’s the weekend!

Meanwhile, Hammond, May, and Clarkson are still working on the second season of The Grand Tour. Apparently, we’ll see Hammond in some quite dangerous situations, as he recently announced he has hit his head in an accident.

Source: Drivetribe on Facebook