There’s something oddly primal about seeing expensive cars getting all dirty. Part of the appeal is the classic fish-out-of-water motif, putting something – in this case a Bentley Continental GT – into a situation or environment where it was never meant to go. The result is shock value, usually mixed with a bit of humour and perhaps a touch of respect for doing something insanely different.

Unfortunately in this instance, it would seem this Mad Max-inspired Bentley isn’t a Bentley at all. Wait, what?

The Reddit community has a subreddit called BattleCars, where such creations are displayed and discussed with fervour. A few days ago, these photos showed up on the site, but after the initial expletives one would expect from seeing a mud-covered Bentley, more than a few people suggested this was actually a Ford Mustang with a Bentley-for-the-apocalypse body kit.


Bentley Continental GT off road


It wouldn’t be the first such creation. Stang TV featured an anonymous individual who built a fairly convincing 2016 Continental replica from an S-197 Mustang platform, circa 2005. The build used a whole pile of legitimate Bentley bits, enough to elevate the cost beyond $60,000 (over £48,000) over in the States. That’s quite an investment to make in a car that ordinarily sells for under $10,000 (£8000) even in mint condition, but it’s still a far cry from the Continental’s quarter-million price tag. And, according to the builder, this car has all the looks while being far less expensive to maintain. It makes a certain kind of sense in the grand scheme of things.


Bentley Continental GT off road


Going back to our mud bogging Bentley, the design – from what we can see through the mud and the bolt-on safari gear – resembles a first-generation Continental GT built from 2003 through 2011. From the side there certainly seems to be a Mustang-esque profile, but there's also plenty reason to think this is still a Bentley. Between the mud and the add-ons, we can’t say for sure exactly what we’re looking at.

Whether it’s an actual Bentley Continental GT or a well-dressed Mustang GT, we’re still dealing with something expensive that’s been recast to play in the mud, and that always ranks as cool in our book. Let us know what you think on this – is it a Mustang, or a Bentley?

Source: Reddit, Imgur, Jalopnik


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