The manufacturer is coy on details for when and how, but seems committed to making it happen.

Is Land Rover going to be building a super-extreme off-roader anytime soon? We first got word of a possible Discovery SVX way back in 2015, with an estimated time-to-market of 12 to 18 months. We’re well past that timetable, but it would seem there’s definitely something in the pipeline.

During the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Auto Express talked with Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) boss John Edwards about such a vehicle. Although no specific details were mentioned, Edwards did say he was envisioning something “between Paris-Dakar and Camel Trophy”.

The new Range Rover Velar certainly took centre stage at Geneva, but the manufacturer also showcased a curious Land Rover Discovery concept called Project Hero that could prove to be a stepping stone to an eventual SVX. The one-off model was built specifically for the Austrian Red Cross as a communications vehicle; it features its own roof-mounted aerial drone with a sophisticated electronics suite that can let it land on the Discovery even while moving. Inside, the concept features tables that can extend for work space, a sliding floor with hidden stowage compartments, attachments for securing items, and plenty of integrated power sources for both USB and 12-volt systems.


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While a future SVX likely wouldn’t have the drone or the tables, extra stowage and tech systems could certainly be implemented on a super off-roader. The Project Hero concept will be undergoing 12 months of trials in the Austrian mountains beginning in June, so there will be plenty of opportunity to give all kinds of new systems a trial-by-fire. Add some suspension and power upgrades, and we could have a Discovery SVX, well, as soon as Edwards and his SVO team are keen to give us one.

As far as exactly when that will be, Edwards provides no clues except to say that the company plans to unveil a new halo car every year “for the next three or four years”. That’s a very broad window, but considering previous Discovery SVX speculation pointed to a 2017 timeline, bet on seeing one sooner rather than later.

Source: Auto Express

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