The latest Citroen C3 is one of the freshest and funkiest superminis on sale, showing the firm's design overhaul launched by the C4 Cactus was no flash in the pan. Now, it seems the C3's crossover sibling is next in line to continue the Citroen styling drive – and here, we're speculating on the production version in a new rendering.

Previewed earlier this year by the C-Aircross Concept, this new C3 Aircross has gained conventional door handles and a B-pillar. Gone are the cameras as instead the B-segment crossover now has regular side mirrors, and has also gone through some other minor changes like the standard black plastic cladding to make it production-ready.

2018 Citroen C3 Aircross render
2017 - Citroën C-Aircross Concept

The exterior styling will have many traits in common with the C3 Aircross’ bigger brother, the C4 Cactus, and the interior will largely be sourced from the supermini. The new pint-sized model will signal the C3 Picasso’s switch from an MPV body style to a crossover shape in a bid to capitalise on the increased demand for high-riding cars at the expense of traditional people carriers.

See spy shots of the production car:

It will be interesting to see whether the road-going model will retain the Picasso nameplate or it’s going to be replaced instead with the 'Aircross' suffix to better mark the model’s transformation. The concept's branding suggests it's a change that may well happen. Bear in mind the company with the double chevron logo already has a C3 Aircross, but it’s only available in Latin America.

Expect Citroen to take the wraps off the C3-derived standout crossover in the following months, with sales to begin before the end of 2017. 


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