The company is reportedly skipping beta and bringing out its new Model 3 earlier than expected.

Tesla isn’t exactly following the rules when it comes to the launch of its new Model 3. The California-based electric car maker says that it will skip beta testing for its new small sedan and move directly to an "early release," according to a statement from investors on Reddit.

Tesla reportedly won’t build any so-called beta cars. CEO Elon Musk said in a call with investors last week that the analytic tools developed by the company will allow them to skip the beta phase entirely for the Model 3. Employees will reportedly be driving early release example in as little as "one to two weeks," and we’ve already seen the Model 3 testing in California.

2018 Tesla Model 3

Musk also notes that, thanks to the analytics tools, the initial quality of the Model 3 will be superior to that of both the Model S and Model X. But one supposed investor says that "production could be lower than expected due to a 'force majeure event.'" Though, we’re not entirely sure what that means. We’ve reached out to Tesla for comment.

Whatever the case, the company has big aspirations for its upcoming Model 3. The mass-market EV will offer a range of at least 215 miles and a starting price of around £35,000. The base model will also be able to sprint to 60 miles per hour in less than six seconds, and include Tesla’s Autopilot system.

But Tesla has some competition. The introduction of a new Nissan Leaf is due in the next year or so, and is expected to make significant progress in all areas. European buyers also get the Opel Ampera, although GM's inexplicable decision not to produce a right-hand-drive Vauxhall version remains frustrating. Leaving Tesla ideally placed to lure eager buyers instead?

Source: Gas2, Reddit

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