Designed in Switzerland and hand-built in Germany, the Elextra is yet another Tesla Model S fighter.

After catching a glimpse of its side profile about a month ago, the rather mysterious Elextra EV supercar is back to show off its front and rear in a couple of semi-revealing official teasers.

What do they tell us? There seems to be a triangular motif at the front, judging by the shape of the headlights and the indentation on the hood. There's also a full-width LED bar likely serving as the daytime running lights. But there's no grille: since it’s a pure EV, so there's no engine to keep cool.

The back of the car hosts very wide and slightly curved taillights and a very narrow and impractical tailgate, along with a low and small rear screen. Perhaps the most interesting design trait is the pair of wings mounted on the roof extending rearwards. Are they a form of trick active aero?

The original teaser image revealed the saloons very low roofline and extremely narrow rear doors, which might make rear seat access a little challenging. But then, it is a supercar saloon...

One claiming some amazing specs at that. The Elextra promises to be one of the quickest-accelerating cars of all time by hitting 62 mph in less than 2.3 seconds. Aiming to “redefine the supercar,” the four-wheel-drive EV was designed in Switzerland and just 100 are set to be hand-built in Germany near Stuttgart, all boasting the “highest quality imaginable”.

Classic Factory, the Bremblens-based company behind the Elextra, promises more images and information regarding what’s shaping up to be a Tesla Model S P100D fighter in coming months. Hopefully, all of these teasers will not be in vain and the car will actually hit the assembly line rather than being yet another case of EV startup vapourware...

Source: Elextra

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