The duo drank “copious amounts of alcohol.”

BMW’s Munich production plant had to stop operation for nearly an hour in the beginning of this month, which caused a massive loss of roughly £850,000. The reason? Two workers passed out during their shift after heavy drug and alcohol consumption.

First reported by German newspaper Bild, the information was confirmed by the Bavarian carmaker. According to BMW, the duo drank “copious amounts of alcohol” and smoked designer drugs in their locker rooms. Shortly after, at about 10.40pm during the late shift, they fell unconscious and their colleagues had to call an ambulance. This caused production to be suspended for 40 minutes.

One of the workers, both of whom are said to be from Poland, had a high amount of alcohol in his blood and was transferred to a clinic for further treatment. One of them has been fired, while the other one moved to a different location.

Through a spokesman, BMW said the incident, which happened in the first days of March, resulted in a financial loss "in the five figures" without revealing the exact number. Quoting an anonymous source, Bild reported the production loss totalled £850,000.

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This scenario reminds us of several similar cases from the recent years. First, in 2010 and 2011, workers at Chrysler’s Trenton engine plant and at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in the States were caught drinking and smoking. Some of them were fired. A year later, the mechanics of HRT’s Formula 1 team got drunk during a flight to Madrid to Sao Paulo.

Source: Bild newspaper via and