The intricacies of various languages around the world often lead to ongoing arguments over the “proper” way to pronounce a car maker’s name. In the UK, Porsche and Seat are two frequently controversial brands over how to speak about them. For the former, there’s a debate over whether saying it like “Porsh” or “Porsh-e” is accurate. In the latter case, the dispute is over whether the first sound in the firm’s name sounds like "see" or "say." During a car show, the site decided to ask company representatives as a way to get definitive answers to these questions.

The clip answers the Porsche and Seat debates. Plus, it offers many more examples. However, some of the company representatives might be a little too florid in their pronunciation. No one should need to roll the r-sound to say Alfa Romeo or Ferrari accurately. Also, BMW is an acronym so the “correct” version is the way someone expresses those letters in a given language. 

This clip ignores what’s probably the second-most contentious automaker to pronounce – Jaguar. Some people say it with three syllables as in “Jag-u-ar.” Meanwhile, other folks keep the word to two syllables as “Jag-uar” Let us know in the comments which one you use and why. 

Because language is a communication tool, all that really matters is that the people around you understand what you're talking about. For example, you would probably confuse 99 percent of native English speakers by referring to a 3 Series as coming from "bay-em-vay" rather than "bee-em-double-you" because the vast majority of folks aren't familiar with the way to say the name in German.