They look very different, but the same platform lies beneath them.

Toyota’s new coupe and BMW’s upcoming roadster – speculatively called the Supra and Z5 respectively – are two of the most hotly anticipated performance models on the imminent horizon. Now, a new batch of spy photos briefly captures this platform-sharing pair together, and the pics offer the best chance yet to compare their designs. 

Both models continue to wear extra panels over the body that distort the actual shape, so it’s best to take these photos as a rough guide for their styling. But even with so much concealment, the Supra still seems quite a looker. The front end and double-bubble roof take direct inspiration from the FT-1 concept. At the rear, the model blends cues from this show car while mixing in elements from the fourth-gen Supra, especially the taillights. Massive brake rotors show that this machine means business, too.

Toyota Supra Spy Photos

These photos only provide a rear-end view of the Z5, but previous photos show it from every angle. The styling has nothing in common with the Supra, despite their shared platform. Based on the design, the simple shape provides some support for rumours that BMW is planning the new model as a back-to-basics roadster to replace the Z4

The powertrains for both models remains a mystery, but there’s evidence that Toyota would use some form of electrification on the Supra – at least for a range-topping model.

A report out of Japan indicates that Toyota might show a near-production Supra concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. An alleged contract with Magna Steyr would allow assembly to start in Graz, Austria, sometime in 2018. The firm would build the Z5 at the same factory.

Toyota Supra Spy Photos

In a recent interview, the boss at Toyota’s motorsport arm, Gazoo Racing, hinted at a future lineup of three performance cars for the brand. The GT86 would have the bottom rung, and the Supra would be at the top. There might be a roadster in the middle that could revive the classic MR2, but this is pure speculation so far.

Photo Source: Automedia

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