With the exception of Ferrari, McLaren and a (very) few others, most car companies have at least one crossover or SUV in their range. Bentley has the Bentayga while Lamborghini is putting the finishing touches on the production-ready Urus, due in just a few months. As for Rolls-Royce, it’s also about to jump on the bandwagon with 'Cullinan', which is a codename for the brand’s first ever 'High-Bodied Car' (to use R-R parlance) due to go on sale at some point in 2018.

This prototype was caught undergoing cold-weather testing in Sweden and can be seen for a short while in the company of the next-generation Phantom. It doesn’t come as a big shock the two were seen together, considering they’ll both share the same new aluminium-intensive platform and an upgraded iteration of the V12 engine.

2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan render

Not only that, but the Phantom VIII’s styling will rub off on the Cullinan and it’s already noticeable despite the full camouflage applied on both prototypes. The saloon's styling is expected to be very much of the evolutionary sort, so don’t expect its high-riding counterpart to surprise you with its exterior appearance.

A more modern approach will be noticeable inside the cabin, where the Cullinan will likely boast an all-digital instrument cluster as observed a while ago on a test vehicle of the new Phantom. 

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It’s too early to talk about pricing, but it’s safe to say the Cullinan will command a decent premium even over models such as the Bentayga. Meanwhile, the ultra-posh limo is slated to premiere later this year; we might see it at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. And, when the wraps do come off the all-new Phantom, there will effectively be our first hint at how the Cullinan will look too. 

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