Will retain "85 to 90 percent" of the concept's design.

Introduced earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show, the Pininfarina-designed H600 concept will evolve into a production model scheduled to go on sale in United States towards the end of the decade. The reveal was made by Chinese EV startup Hybrid Kinetic (previously known as HK Motors) while speaking with Automotive News.

The car’s 5.2-metre body, penned by Pininfarina, is going to be largely carried over onto the production model, with HK board member Carter Yeung saying the Geneva showcar had “85 to 90 percent" of the final design.

2017 Pininfarina H600 concept
2017 Pininfarina H600 concept

The plan is to first run trial production at Pininfarina's Italian plant, then begin full production at a plant in China. If everything goes according to plan, HK plans to build more than 200,000 cars annually within the next five to ten years. The H600 concept wants to go after the Tesla Model S; the planned launch in China and United States is by 2019 or 2020.

While many EV startups have turned out to be nothing more than vapourware, Carter Yeung promises the situation is going to be different with HK:

“A lot of Chinese companies overpromise and underdeliver. We're going to be the opposite.”

The road-going H600 will remain faithful to the concept not just in terms of design, but also as far as the technical specifications are concerned. The four-door saloon shown in Geneva had electric motors developing in excess of 804 horsepower enabling the car to do 0-62 mph in just 2.9 seconds before maxing out at 155 mph.

Featuring an all-aluminium chassis, the H600 prototype weighs 1,870 kilograms (distributed 52:48 front-to-rear) and comes with a four-seat cabin and a 500-litre boot.

2017 Pininfarina H600 concept
2017 Pininfarina H600 concept

One of the concept’s main features is the micro turbine generator range extender, which provides the necessary electric power for the motor and the battery “anytime, anywhere, and with no need for charging pits and social grids.” The all-wheel-drive H600 equipped with torque vectoring is said to boast an 'energy recycling system' and a so-called 'super battery' enabling a total range of over 620 miles in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC).

Hybrid Kinetic plans to unveil two further new concepts next month at the Auto Shanghai Show, scheduled to start on 19th April.

Source: Automotive News

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