Of course, you are not allowed to see it.

Koenigsegg used the Geneva Motor Show to present the first two customer examples of the mighty Regera, both featuring a custom paint scheme. This is the model that features the unique Autoskin system that allows the driver to open any of the doors or hoods at the touch of a button.

But, in Geneva, another cool detail was quietly introduced by Christian von Koenigsegg, founder and ideologist of the supercar brand from Sweden. In an interview with Car Buzz, he revealed all Koenigsegg owners benefit from a special application, giving them a number of features. The so-called Koenigsegg Owners App allows them to get Tesla-style remote over-the-air software updates directly from Sweden, racetrack stats and lap times, and GPS location.

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But what’s even more interesting, Koenigsegg himself has a unique application, installed on his own mobile phone. It allows him to see every single Koenigsegg vehicle, equipped with GPS, and its current location. Car Buzz says he even demonstrated the app in Geneva, and “there they were, several little orange dots against a black background.”

“It’s technically possible to place a camera inside the vehicles and I could see the drivers, but that’d be creepy,” Koenigsegg added.

You might say this kind of GPS location control is a bit too much. But let’s see things from another perspective – the idea is not about being the Big Brother or something, but rather always staying in touch with customers, getting feedback about the product and the drivers' ownership experience. Because owning a Koenigsegg is not just an act of owning a vehicle, but a much more individual experience.

Source: Car Buzz

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