Anticipated by the Concept 40.2, the new compact saloon is expected to go on sale in 2018.

The second generation XC60 SUV was Volvo's main attraction at the Geneva Motor Show. It is also being presented to the public through a series of videos that showcase the technological innovations and the high level of safety of the SUV.

However, in some of these videos, a mysterious compact saloon plays a secondary role. And it's too elaborate to be just a CGI object. Everything indicates that it can be a teaser of the future S40, a car that Volvo once offered in its line-up, but that was manufactured over the Ford Focus platform.


Volvo S40 - teaser


Spotted by our friends at Indian Autos Blog, the mysterious compact saloon features the visual identity of today's Volvo cars, with unmistakable Thor's hammer-shaped LED DRLs integrated into the headlamps. The tail lights suggest an evolution over the style of the current S60, but the smaller size and some other details point to the new model of the 40 series.

Like the 40.2 concept, which anticipated the new compact sedan, the 5-door model adheres to the fastback trend with C columns in a steep slope. Its short boot is the main characteristic of this style. Compare them below:


Volvo S40 e 40.2 - comparativo
Volvo S40 e 40.2 - comparativo


As designers often say, mind the proportions. Despite the less square style, the CGI car has small overhangs, the C column sits well back, giving the rear a coupé look, and the rising waist line. Finally, check how the rear bumpers of the two have a similar design when viewed from the side.


Volvo S40 - teaser


If the change of style is confirmed, it will show that Volvo has given up on having a model of more angular lines to please a more conservative public, as typical customers of compact saloon normally are.

The next vehicle on Volvo's pipeline is the XC40, which is expected to debut at the Shanghai Motor Show in April. Like the first compact SUV of the brand, the future S40 will also be made over the CMA (Compact Modular Architecture), the new modular smaller-car platform from Volvo and Geely. Still with no set debut date, the saloon should only be revealed from the second half of 2017 onwards. Maybe at the Frankfurt Motor Show. 


Volvo 40.2 Concept


It is worth remembering that this new range of compact cars will include a 100% electric model, as well as a hybrid powertrain with the Twin Engine plug-in technology. All as part of the Swedish brand's daring goal of selling more than 1 million electric-powered vehicles globally by 2025. That's the same goal as Volkswagen, which was the largest global manufacturer in 2016. Putting into context the scale of the Swedish brand's ambitions...

(Thanks to Gustavo Henrique Ruffo)

Images: video screenshots/manufacturer

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