We’re just about a month away from the debut of The Fate of the Furious. The eight instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise hits UK cinemas on April 14, 2017 – but not before the studio gives us one final trailer to keep the hype train rolling.

The new three-minute clip shows some the same scenarios we’ve seen in trailers past, including Dom’s transition to crime and plenty of explosions. But this time we see a few more clues as to the final plot – including the use of weaponised autonomous vehicles at the hand of Charlize Theron’s character.

Vin Diesel will be joined by a familiar crew, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, and Michelle Rodriguez, while introducing a few new faces like Jason Statham, Helen Mirren, and Scott Eastwood in the process. The action will also span a few different locations, including New York, Iceland, Cuba, and strangely enough, Cleveland, Ohio.

The theme will revolve around Charlize Theron’s character, who "seduces Dom [Diesel] into the world of crime he can’t seem to escape." The "Fast and Furious" crew must, "crisscross the globe to stop an anarchist from unleashing chaos on the world’s stage…and to bring home the man who made them a family."

More than £14 million worth of cars will be used in the film, including the introduction of the new Dodge Challenger Demon, which is rumoured to have as much as 757hp, and even the Nissan IDX concept that made its debut a few years back. 

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