Alongside the Vulcan, Valkyrie, Vanquish and any other 'V' cars we might have missed, the new DB11 is also on display at Geneva, and like its siblings, comes with a few visual updates to ensure it was ready for its time in the limelight. This car in particular has been done up by the Q specialty department.

The final result the DB11 and Q collaboration is a car that will leave you feeling blue... in the best way possible The exterior is finished in an exclusive Zaffre Blue paint scheme, which also finds its way to the door panels, seats, interior knobs and switches, and wheels. The paint scheme is accented by a number of gloss, satin twill, and forged carbon fiber details, which includes the addition of a new front splitter, side sills, rear diffuser, and even door mirrors. Not to mention Q badges aplenty, both inside and out.

Aston Martin DB11 by Q
Aston Martin DB11 by Q

Considering Aston Martin’s Q department reserves its upgrades exclusively to visuals, the same 5.2-litre biturbo V12 under the bonnet remains – not that we’re complaining. The engine produces 600hp and 516lb ft of torque, which guarantees a 0 to 62mph time of just 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 200mph.

To ensure that its custom DB11 is the height of performance luxury, the Q department has fitted it with a matching four-piece luggage set. Though Aston Martin doesn’t have a price on all these upgrades just yet, we assume it will be a smidge over the £155,000 starting price for the standard DB11. Catch it on display at the Geneva Motor Show along with all of its supercar brothers and sisters..

Source: Aston Martin

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