The company says the car could be good for a Nurburgring lap time of 6:30.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus’ (SCG) 003 supercar has been a long time coming. But finally at the Geneva Motor Show, we get to see the stunning road-going supercar in the metal – or should we say, carbon fibre.

Wearing a handsome white finish with bare carbon fibre accents, the 003S – the S stands for Stradale, while the C stands for Competizione – was carefully designed with aerodynamics in mind. SCG says the 003S can generate up to 703kg of downforce at 155mph, and more than 2.5 lateral Gs in the corners.

2017 SCG 003S

Under the bonnet, a 4.4-litre biturbo V8 pumps out 800hp and 627lb ft of torque. Power is sent to the rear via a seven-speed race-spec sequential gearbox, and power meets the pavement courtesy of 325/30-21 Dunlop tyres at the rear, and 265/35R-20s at the front. 

With all that performance under the hood, SCG says that the 003S will weigh less than 1,360kg when it's all said and done, have a top speed of 217mph, and a sub-three-second zero to 60 time. The company hopes that it will be able to best the Lamborghini Huracan Performante’s 6:52.01 Nurburgring lap time by more than 20 seconds with a time of around 6:30.

2017 SCG 003S
2017 SCG 003S

No word on when the SCG 003S will go on sale or how much it will cost, but previous reports suggest it could go for more than £1 million. The company is still looking for ways to fund the supercar – Glickenhaus is reportedly in talks with a number of groups that could raise the necessary funds. For now, the 003S prototypes are being produced at Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT).




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