In 10 years, Zenvo has built exactly 11 cars. While they may not seem like much, the original ST1 supercar cost £750,000 and had more than 1,000hp under the bonnet – so don’t expect Toyota numbers. Still, in celebration of the 10-year milestone, the company has unveiled an even more exclusive supercar at the Geneva Motor Show.

The TS1 GT – no, not the ST1 – is painted in a special Fjord Blue with copper and bronze accenting stripes, matching 20-inch forged wheels, and 1,163hp and 811lb ft of torque under the bonnet. All that power is achieved by a 5.8-litre V8 with two – count ‘em, two superchargers.

Zenvo TS1 GT Geneva
Zenvo TS1 GT Geneva

The TS1 is equipped with a seven-speed sequential racing gearbox that's backed by a Torsen limited-slip differential. Zenvo says that its new transmission gives the car "ultrafast gearshifts," almost on part with that of a Formula 1 car. From a standstill it will sprint to 62mph in just 2.8 seconds, and continue on to an electronically limited speed of 233mph.

Zenvo's keeping the doors locked at Geneva, but says the cabin has a non-asymmetrical design and mixes both carbon fibre and leather components. The instrument surrounds, meanwhile, are said to be made from copper and rhodium… which makes them super expensive. Each one costs somewhere in the region of £150,000. It reportedly took almost 8,000 man hours to finish the interior.

Though Zenvo doesn’t have an official price on this special supercar, reports suggest it could be somewhere near £1 million. All this extravagance will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show throughout the week.

Source: Zenvo

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