With a carbon monocoque, powerful V8, and standard six-point harnesses, the EF7 is ready to hit the circuit.

Former racer Emerson Fittipaldi finally pulled the sheets off the racing car that has been teased so many times. The EF7 Vision Gran Turismo is his idea of a serious carbon fibre racing machine. It was styled by Italian design house Pininfarina and engineered by HWA AG, the AMG spin-off that builds German Touring Car Masters (DTM) racers.

The striking design features prominent aerodynamic elements all over, including a massive rear wing, huge air inlets in the hood, and enormous air-intake scoops behind either door. The entire car weighs just 1,000kg and was designed from the outset to offer the maximum in driver safety. The Fittipaldi team says there’s an integrated safety cell and roll-protection design, along with two seats with six-point harnesses. To save weight, the windows are made from polycarbonate rather than glass. There’s no rear-view mirror, with a camera system providing rearward visibility, and a digital racing display delivers relevant information to the driver.

The seats are fixed in place, and instead the driver and passenger adjust their seating position by using new pads that are fitted to the seats. The steering wheel and pedal box are adjustable for the driver, too.

Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo
Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo
Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo
Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo

Out back is a naturally aspirated 4.8-litre V8 engine, developed by HWA AG, that revs to 9,000rpm, producing 600hp and 376lb ft of torque. The six-speed sequential transaxle is a stressed member in the chassis, a design choice that Fittipaldi helps keep the vehicle weight low. A mechanical limited-slip differential directs power to the ground. The team says the car also has “racing” braking and suspension components, with a fully independent suspension featuring adjustable anti-roll bars.

So where, then, should someone drive this track car? Well, every buyer of the EF7 Vision Gran Turismo will not only get to customise their vehicle to their every desire, but will also receive in-person, on-track instruction from Emerson Fittipaldi himself. As to his bona fides, note that he won 14 Formula 1 Grand Prix and two Indy 500s. The “Fittipaldi Racing Club” will offer a ladder system by which drivers can graduate to higher levels of racing, plus exclusive events at tracks around the world.

That’s not the only way to get behind the wheel, though. The Vision Gran Turismo suffix to this car’s name denotes the fact that it will also appeal in the virtual world, in this case the upcoming PlayStation 4 video game “Gran Turismo Sport.” Digital racers will be able to drive a recreation of the EF7 that has “exactly the same characteristics as the real track car.”

Source: Pininfarina


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