It's a track-focused, electric, two-seat hypercar, developed in cooperation with Williams.

Singapore’s first supercar is here – and it looks mean. The Dendrobium by Vanda Electrics is a “two seater all-electric sports car concept,” which is making its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

As we have already reported, the electric beast is developed in cooperation with Williams Advanced Engineering, the technology and engineering services division of the Williams Group. The track-focused car uses a minimalist approach to the interior and exterior designs with an extensive use of carbon fibre both inside and out. The driver sits in a body-hugging seat, which “contrasts dramatically with the predominately black interior.”

Vanda Electrics Dendrobium concept
Vanda Electrics Dendrobium concept
Vanda Electrics Dendrobium concept

There are no rear-view mirrors, as their function is performed by side cameras connected to two displays. They are positioned next to a central digital screen, providing all the information about the car, which is surrounded by control buttons – and all of them are hexagon-shaped.

The company says it’s still strictly a concept car and the exact performance numbers are not known at this moment. However, Vanda Electrics estimates the Dendrobium will have a top speed in excess of 200mph and will do the 0-60mph sprint in 2.7 seconds.

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The company is yet to confirm whether it will actually built the car, but it has said, if it happens, the vehicle will use quite a complicated layout. It will feature two inboard-mounted electric motors per axle, with a single-speed gearbox and a differential at the front, and a multi-speed gearbox and differential at the rear. Production green light for 2020 depends on the reactions from the show.

"We are looking forward to seeing the world's reaction to Dendrobium,” Larissa Tan, Vanda Electrics CEO, commented. “This electric hypercar may just be a concept for now, but we have every intention of putting it into production. It sits at the top of our range and the production version will be a fitting showcase for the best in design and e-technology."

Source: Vanda Electrics

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