Party hard, work hard in the Brabus Business Lounge.

After pampering the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter to create the VIP Conference Lounge, the aftermarket specialists from Bottrop in Germany are applying their expertise on a smaller scale with a tricked-out V-Class. Fitted with all of the bells and whistles we are about to detail, the Business Lounge costs €298,000 (about £258,000) before VAT.

Without further ado, the heavily modified V-Class is an extra-long-wheelbase V250d that looks fairly standard on the outside where Brabus has only made subtle changes. There are custom attachments for the side air intakes of the front bumper, along with fancy 19-inch alloy wheels, a pseudo rear diffuser, and quad exhaust tips for a sportier appearance.

The real magic happens once you virtually hop inside the cabin where there are two electrically adjustable rear seats with power extendable footrests. Heated and ventilated, these “VIP” seats have a massage function and provide adjustable lumbar support to help the passenger find the sweet spot.

Brabus Business Lounge based on Mercedes-Benz V-Class
Brabus Business Lounge based on Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Created from the ground up, Brabus’ Touch Control Panel is the tool to play with to handle all the numerous functions available throughout the lavish cabin. Controlling everything from the headliner’s LED reading lights to the massive 40-inch screen, the gadget is the heart of the Business Lounge. It’s also used to fiddle with the seats’ settings, the partition wall, and also to configure the premium sound system perfect for playing a game on the PlayStation 4 or watching a movie on the integrated Apple TV.

Those inside the cabin will also have access to the internet while on the go thanks to the built-in LTE high-speed router providing an on-board Wi-Fi connection to eliminate the hassle of having to use wires. For carrying more than two passengers, Brabus has fitted the Business Lounge with two folding “assistant seats.”

The list of amenities does not end here as the luxed-up Mercedes V-Class has a large refrigerator, a built-in coffeemaker, as well as heated and cooled cup holders. Not only that, but the customised van’s interior can be upholstered in virtually any leather colour you can think of, and can receive an elegant wood trim or real carbon fibre accents.

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Rounding off the package is a bump in power by extracting 44hp and 52lb ft from the V250d’s four-cylinder, 2.1-litre turbodiesel engine for a grand total of 235hp and 376lb ft. Should you be in a real hurry to a meeting, the Business Lounge will do 0-62mph in 8.8 seconds and max out at 130mph.

Brabus has the special van on display at the Geneva Motor Show where it sits alongside the tuner’s 125hp Smart ForTwo Cabrio and a sinister all-black C63 S Cabriolet.

Source: Brabus

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