Damian Lewis narrates the story of the Velar.

The new Range Rover Velar looks great and is packed with technology. The new Porsche Macan rival from Land Rover will officially debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but we’ve been given a 15-minute video to hold us over until we can see it in person.

Narrated by British actor Damian Lewis, the short documentary chronicles the Velar’s development from design to a fully functional crossover. Inevitably, it’s chock full of terms like striking, legendary, and masterpiece. The overriding theme of the clip, however, is simplicity. Aside from being called The Crafting of Simplicity, the documentary continually references the efforts of designers and engineers to seek simplicity and reductionism throughout the crossover’s development.

Considering the Velar contains over six miles of wiring and features flush door handles that deploy electronically, the irony of a video focusing on simplicity and reducing complexity is not lost on us, nor is Land Rover's history of sketchy reliability. Still, there’s no denying the Velar’s technological cool factor, and there is a simple-yet-elegant flavour to its attractive exterior lines.   

The video ultimately gives fans of the brand an interesting behind-the-scenes look at how the Velar went from a clay model (yes, we’re shown the original clay design being crafted) to production. Making such a film was clearly something Land Rover had planned from the very beginning, as this feels like a proper big-budget affair. That feeling is affirmed by a longer 45-minute film coming this summer that further chronicles the Velar's development.

Land Rover has a devoted following and these videos are certainly as much for them as they are for the general public. If you have 15 minutes to spare, getting to know the Velar and its pursuit of simplicity is certainly worth the time.

Source: Digital News Agency


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