A supercar disguised as a wagon, the Audi RS6 Avant has a monstrous 605hp from its biturbo 4.0-litre V8 in the hotter Performance version. You’d think that would be more than enough for most people, but the tuners at ABT Sportsline have decided to prove there was room for improvements. As such, they’ve fiddled with the engine to squeeze an additional 100hp for a grand total of 705hp. Not only that, but torque is up by a massive 132lb ft to a mountain-moving 649lb ft.

Beyond the jaw-dropping output numbers, the ABT RS6+ has been blessed with a more aggressive body kit to match the beast that lies within. Numerous carbonfibre bits and pieces have been applied, including a front spoiler lip, side mirror caps, and a roof-mounted rear spoiler. The large diffuser at the back also makes use of carbonfibre to give the high-performance wagon a menacing appearance and keep weight down low. Rounding off the changes on the outside are the 22-inch alloy wheels featuring a glossy black finish and shod in sports tires.

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Open the doors of Audi’s thoroughly upgraded super wagon and the first things you’ll notice are going to be the illuminated sills carrying the “RS6+” logo also projected onto the floor by the entrance lights. ABT hasn’t shared any images of the cabin, but it says the car gets custom leather upholstery, an individually numbered badge, and some carbonfibre accents. In addition, the rapid family estate comes with bespoke floor mats and even a different trunk mat.

The RS6+ will celebrate its premiere next week at the Geneva Motor Show before going on sale as a special edition limited to only 50 cars.

Audi RS6 Avant by ABT
Audi RS6 Avant by ABT

As a final note, it’s not actually the most powerful RS6 Avant tuned by ABT. Introduced last year to mark the company’s 120th anniversary, the ABT RS6 “1 of 12” pictured above had 730hp and 679 lb ft. Crazy.

Source: ABT

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ABT RS6+ with 705 hp only built 50 times

The performance version with 605 hp/445 kW is the most powerful version of the Audi RS6 C7 and clearly tops the basic model. ABT Sportsline has always been good at adding on and delivers visually appealing fireworks – inside and outside – in addition to another power boost. “The result is called the ABT RS6+ and is built as an exclusive complete vehicle in a limited edition of only 50, indicated by a badge on each car,” CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt proudly reflects on his latest project. The first one will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2017.
The heart of the ambitious project is the power boost, which uses the specially developed ABT Power S control unit. And the formula works – the power was increased to 705 hp/519 kW as well as 880 Nm. As a special highlight, ABT is presenting yet another world's first on the RS6+: the new GR alloy wheels which are mounted on the vehicle in the 22 inch version. The new wheels are available in the color variants “glossy black” or “matte black”, each in combination with different diamond machined areas. As an alternative, the RS6+ can also be configured with the DR and FR designs.
Of course all alloy wheels perfectly match the dark carbon fiber look of the new add-on parts: front lip, front skirt add-ons, mirror covers, side skirt and rear skirt add-ons as well as the rear spoiler are also designed with visual carbon. This is completed by wheel arch vents – after all, this type of car tends to end up with “hot wheels”. The rear view of the ABT RS6+ features attractive carbon double tailpipe trims. These are the visual icing on the cake for an exhaust system that really packs a punch. In addition to the specially developed control unit, ABT Sportsline now also uses a complete stainless steel exhaust system with down pipe and sports catalysts for their power boost packages.
For all car fans who are more interested in inner values, the worldwide leading VW and Audi tuner will also be presenting a comprehensive leather and carbon interior from its Individual range in Geneva. This allows the elegant and sporty RS6+ to set new standards in this sector as well. The scope of delivery also includes dashboard and seat panels made of carbon fiber as well as a steering wheel design in carbon and leather. Other cool gimmicks are a gearshift lever badge, floor mats with the RS6+ logo, a matching trunk mat as well as the fascinating integrated entrance light which casually projects the RS6+ logo onto the floor. This extravagant Avant is therefore definitely not short of plus points.
 The ABT Audi RS6+ – data and facts
Engine:                                                          4.0 TFSI, 3.993 cc capacity, V8 biturbo
Performance tuning:                                     ABT POWER S
Performance:                                                705 HP/519 KW (standard: 605 HP/445 kW)
                                                                      880 Nm (standard: 700 Nm)
ABT front grille insert with RS6+-Logo
ABT front lip (carbon fibre)
ABT front skirt add on (carbon fibre)
ABT wheel arch vents
ABT mirror caps (carbon fibre)
ABT side skirt add ons (carbwon fibre)
ABT rear skirt add on (carbon fibre)
ABT rear spoiler (carbon fibre)
22 inch, available also as complete set of wheels with sports tires
ABT Individual leather interior
ABT Individual carbon fibre interior, including seat and gearbox panels
ABT steering wheel design in leather and carbon
ABT gear knob badge
ABT model number badge 1/50
ABT floor mats RS6+
ABT trunk mat
ABT LED-door entrance lights with RS6+ logo
ABT start-stop button