Smaller displacement, but more torque and better fuel efficiency.

The pre-facelift 2017MY Octavia was the first Skoda model to receive the tiny three-cylinder turbocharged engine with a 1.0-litre displacement and now the unit is ready to trickle down onto lesser models. The recently introduced Rapid facelift is getting the 1.0-litre TSI in 95hp and 110hp flavours, much like the updated Fabia supermini unveiled this week.

Available for both the hatchback and estate models, the thrifty engine serves as a replacement for the old four-cylinder, 1.2-litre unit. Even though it’s smaller, the higher output configuration of the mill has an extra 18lb ft of torque over its predecessor for a grand total of 147lb ft, while the horsepower figure has remained the same. Not only that, but Skoda says the 1.0 TSI is up to six percent more economical, so Fabia customers are going to enjoy the best of both worlds: extra punch, lower fuel consumption.

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Part of the reason why the Fabia 1.0 TSI is going to be more frugal has to do with the fact the three-cylinder unit boasts an aluminium crankcase and weighs 10kg less than the previous 1.2-litre engine. We all know three-cylinder engines are not the smoothest in daily operation, but Skoda wishes to point out the “aluminium pistons and the connecting rods are so well balanced that the engine runs in a particularly smooth and refined manner with very little friction.”

While the 1.0-litre TSI makes a lot of sense, the return of the Fabia RS would be even better. Sadly, Skoda has made it clear it won’t do another version of the hot hatch because research suggests it wouldn't sell in big enough numbers to justify the cost. The silver lining would have to be the already confirmed Kodiaq RS, while a Superb RS is still being considered.

Source: Skoda

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