You weren't supposed to see it until Tuesday.

Someone at Bloomberg has decided to ruin McLaren’s lengthy teaser campaign for the 650S replacement by “accidentally” releasing an image — which has since been removed — of the new 720S. We get to see those spectacular new dihedral doors providing a more generous access inside the overhaul cabin, which is set to employ a clever folding instrument cluster. Compared to its predecessor, the second-generation Super Series model adopts a substantially more aggressive design to match the upgraded internals lurking within.

The attached official image also confirms the model in question will indeed be called “720S” judging by the number plate. That can only mean one thing: 720hp generated by the new biturbo 4.0-litre V8 engine. Details about torque are not available at this point, but it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume it will have more than the 500lb ft of the outgoing 650S’ 3.8-litre engine.

2018 Mclaren 720S teaser
2018 Mclaren 720S teaser
2018 Mclaren 720S teaser

The adjacent pic shows the engine bay illuminated in red as revealed in a teaser in mid-February when McLaren announced unlocking the car will automatically light up the engine bay in red. Underneath the glass rear window, there might be a tiny cargo compartment sandwiched between the seats and the engine. Another interesting feature we've noticed is the glass-like appearance of the C-pillar, so we’re dying to know what sort of composition McLaren’s engineers have used to come up with this transparent design.

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While the photo is not showing the car’s front, an undisguised prototype painted in matte black was spotted in September 2016 showing a reworked fascia with sleeker headlights and a beefy bumper.

McLaren P14 spy photo

McLaren will introduce the 720S next Tuesday at the Geneva Motor Show. A droptop Spider version will eventually join the lineup.

Source: Bloomberg

Gallery: McLaren 720S leaked official image