Mixing beer and cars can often end by standing in front of a judge, getting a hefty fine, and possibly even spending some time behind bars. However, the Morgan Motor Company is now finding a way to combine the two disparate things. The 108-year-old British car manufacturer is partnering with a brewery in its hometown of Malvern to create officially licensed ales inspired by the marque’s vehicles.

The collection of three ales is available now in Morgan's factory store for £15. The company will also be serving it during events in the future. If Morgan's beers are anything like its cars, we'd expect their flavour to be classic with a touch of modernity.

Morgan Motor Company Beer

The Friday Beer Company's creations each play off the persona of Morgan's unique cars. The Morgan 4/4 Blonde Ale comes in at an appropriate 4.4 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). The brewery combines malted barley, oats and wheat. It claims that the resulting beer has flavour notes of pineapple, blackcurrant, and toast... sounds delightful.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler Dark Mild Ale, meanwhile, is slightly dark. The 3 percent ABV references the trike's wheels, and the low alcohol content should make it easy to enjoy more than one of them. 

Finally, the Morgan Aero 8 Rye Ale has the style of a classic British bitter ,but the rye malt in the mix adds some extra spiciness. Its 4.8 percent ABV references the 4.8-litre V8 in the model's current incarnation.

The EV3 lacks a beer for now. Perhaps, it could be a well-hopped India pale ale that would give drinkers a zing of bitterness that would evoke the feeling from the trike's electric motors. A sour-fermented beer might do the trick, too. 

Source: Morgan Motor Company

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By Morgan Motor Company Posted February 22, 2017  In Collaborations, Lifestyle, Morgan News, Products  79

Morgan Motor Company and Friday Beer Company introduce collection of Morgan Ales

Collection of three official Morgan Ales are available now from the Morgan factory shop to 30,000 annual visitors

Three individual Ales each named after one of the models

Both companies are based in Malvern Link, UK

The Morgan Motor Company and The Friday Beer Company have joined forces to introduce a new collection of official Morgan Ale. Working in partnership to perfect the final product, labelling and associated packaging, the two Malvern based companies are delighted to present a collection of three unique blends. The Morgan 4/4 Blonde Ale, the Morgan 3 Wheeler Dark Mild Ale, and a Morgan Aero 8 Rye Ale complete the collection, with each one representing one of the models in the Morgan range.

Founded in 1909, the 108-year-old Morgan Motor Company continue to thrive under the ownership of the founding family, proudly remaining the oldest privately owned motor manufacturer in the world – hand-crafting coach built traditional British sports cars that are fun to drive and unique within the market place. Their desire to offer something truly unique to their customers and passion for promoting local business lead them to the Friday Beer Company.

Like Morgan, the Friday Beer Company are also based in Malvern. Founded in 2011 by three local scientists keen to pursue their passion, Friday Beer have grown their business and developed a strong reputation for quality Ale. Now stocked in over 50 outlets across the region, their portfolio of stockists includes a number of high end hotels, theatres and restaurants, as well as Harrods in Knightsbridge. 

The collection of Morgan Ale is available exclusively from the on-site factory shop, and will be on sale to the 30,000 visitors from all around the world who tour the factory each year as well as at many Morgan events throughout the season. The heritage style packaging takes inspiration from a bygone era of automobile branding, and distinguishes the collection as an official Morgan product. The Morgan Ale is priced at £15.

Both Morgan and Friday Beer would like to make clear that the official Morgan Ale is not to be consumed in any measure alongside driving, and is strictly only for over 18s.

Morgan Managing Director, Steve Morris, said “We are delighted to work with fellow local company Friday Beer to produce this collection of Ales for our customers and visitors. The final product, as well as the label and package designs, are absolutely fantastic and truly celebrate the heritage of the brand. I expect the collection to be received well and produce yet another success story of local businesses collaborating and sharing knowledge.”

Friday Beer Company Director, Gerald Williams, said “The Friday Beer team are all thrilled to be working with a Malvern based, internationally recognised brand. We look forward to great success with sales of the range of beers uniquely branded for the Morgan Motor Company. Everyone involved has been exceptionally positive and supportive of this collaboration from day one.”


Morgan Aero 8 Rye Ale 4.8% ABV


Based on a traditional British bitter this amber coloured ale is delicious and has been given a small twist. The recipe combines a variety of hops with grain to produce first class ale, whilst a touch of Rye malt gives it a slightly spicy edge with notes of honey. This beer will surprise and delight your taste buds in equal measure. The 4.8% ABV of this Rye Ale reflects the 4.8 V8 engine that powers the Aero 8.


Morgan 3 Wheeler Dark Mild Ale 3.0% ABV


Full of flavour and very easy to drink this dark ale recipe is a classic in the making. Based on the concept of the Mild Ale, this modern version is a session-ale and is equally good on its own or accompanying food. The 3% ABV of this Dark Mild Ale denotes the number of wheels on the unique 3 Wheeler.


Morgan 4/4 Blonde Ale 4.4% ABV


A vibrant blend of malted barley, oats and wheat gives this pale ale a higher malt profile than expected from its colour and strength. The careful selection of the hops and yeast has contributed to its aromas and complexity. Some tasters may detect hints of pineapple, blackcurrant or toast. This ale can be drunk chilled and is a perfect drink for a summer’s day. Like the other Ales in the collection, the 4.4% ABV has been chosen to celebrate and signify the iconic 4/4 model.