Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo likes supercars. The Real Madrid striker owns, or has owned, numerous Ferraris, Bentley, Audis, BMWs, Porsches, and many, many more – even a Bugatti Veyron, bought as a celebration of the Euro 2016 soccer championship title.

Apparently, the relationship between the player and the French brand is so strong, the manufacturer has called Ronaldo for an exclusive test drive of the mighty Chiron. Customer deliveries of the hypercar start soon, but before that Bugatti wanted to get it “tested and approved by a champion”.

Cristiano Ronaldo testing Bugatti Chiron
Cristiano Ronaldo testing Bugatti Chiron
Cristiano Ronaldo testing Bugatti Chiron

Ronaldo was handed the keys to a silver example of the Chiron. We are not remotely confident all (any of?) the high-speed manoeuvres from the video above were performed by the soccer player, but there’s no denying the test must have been a lot of fun. Particularly as, according to the official statement from Bugatti, it was performed on the streets of Madrid, Spain’s capital.


Ronaldo himself teased his more than 91 million Instagram followers with a photo and a video of the Chiron, and it will be interesting to see if he will buy an example of the car. In December last year, it was reported the company already has 220 orders for the Chiron and will assemble 65 units in 2017. Why else would he block out his diary and star in a video for the firm?

The starting price tag of £2.1 million won’t be a serious difficulty for Ronaldo, as he has reportedly received £19 million from Real Madrid salary last year. Additionally, ad deals with Nike and other big companies are adding more than £20 million to his account every year.

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Tested & Approved by a Champion: football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo gives Bugatti Chiron the green light

Just before deliveries of the Chiron1 start, Bugatti has requested a real champion to give the French luxury brand’s new ultimate super sports car a final test drive. Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, several times World Player of the Year, reigning European Champion, winner of many other awards and a great sports cars fan, got behind the wheel in Madrid to take a close look at the 1,500 PS supercar. His conclusion: approved after comprehensive testing!