By installing lighter glass and removing interior luxuries, Ford lets buyers spec a meaner version of its supercar.

After a very brief bout of speculation, Ford is unleashing official details about the lightweight GT Competition Series. If buyers somehow think the standard supercar is too soft, this optional collection of parts should make it even more hardcore machine.

“The Competition Series was developed with the most hardcore track enthusiasts in mind, providing a tailored set of lightweight features and unique livery to match,” Ford Chief Technical Officer Raj Nair said about the vehicle.

Ford GT Competition Series

In addition to reducing the overall weight, Ford’s goal with this package is to shift the GT’s center of gravity closer to the road. The pounds come off thanks to a Perspex acrylic engine cover with a manual latch. Rather than a hydraulic strut, a carbon fiber prop holds it in place when up. The bulkhead behind the driver also uses Gorilla Glass that’s half as thick as the standard model.

You can identify the Competition Series on the outside from the gloss-finished carbon fiber on the hood stripe, mirror caps, A-pillar, and lower body trim. The package comes standard with parts that are usually optional on the GT, such as the carbon fibre wheels and titanium components for the lug nuts and exhaust.

Ford GT Competition Series

Inside, Ford strips out the interior down to the bare minimum. The air conditioning, infotainment display, speakers, storage bins, and cupholders are gone. Ebony-colored Alcantara decorates the seats, instrument panel, and headliner. Carbon fibre trim continues the lightweight look be decorating the cabin. For a bit of colour, anodized red parts adorn the paddle shifters and a badge on the instrument panel.

The cars have no more power, though: the 3.5-litre biturbo V6 continues to produce 647 horsepower on these models.

Ford GT Competition Series

The Blue Oval is still keeping some details about the Competition Series a secret, such as the important detail of how much weight the package shaves off. The members of Ford Performance “hope to have that in the near future,” spokesperson Matt Leaver told Motor1. “I also do not have the price of the package but I can tell you it commands a premium as it makes a number of optional items standard.”

According to Leaver, the Competition Series has been available to GT customers since Ford began taking order. “The Ford GT Competition Series is a limited edition variant, but we do not have a specific number on how many will be offered,” he said.

If you want to get a better look at the Competition Series’ special parts, one is on display in the Ford stand during this weekend’s Daytona 500.

Source: Ford

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