Experts from Autocar magazine list their 39 revolutionary cars and ask readers to select a winner.

Range Rover. Audi R8. Ford Model T. Fiat 500. Four cars with very little in common but, according to experts at Autocar magazine, they are some of the most revolutionary motor cars of all time and are part of a 39-strong shortlist of ‘world’s most revolutionary’ candidates to be whittled down to one winner.

And it’s the general public who will get to vote, so if you have a particular favourite you can exercise your right by visiting the magazine’s website. The overall winner will be named on 23 May. The only criteria for selection being that the model in question has played a significant role in the story of the motor car.

Alongside the original 1957 Fiat 500, lauded by Autocar for its unequalled inner-city chic plus park-and-turn-anywhere effectiveness, he 1970 Range Rover that showed that not only was it possible to be devastatingly effective in mud, snow and sand, but that its occupants could also travel in luxury.

Audi R8
Willys Jeep
Fiat 500

Also on the list are the two models that began the rugged, go-anywhere 4x4 trend: the 1941 Willys MB and the original 1948 Land Rover. Then there are those models that came completely out of the blue to disrupt well-established segments; the 1989 Lexus LS400 and 2006 Audi R8 being two examples.

The list also includes such gems as Honda’s Porsche-bashing NSX, Ferrari’s iconic F40 and Mazda’s more affordable MX-5 roadster. Citroen’s DS makes a well-earned appearance, as does Ford’s 1964 Mustang and McLaren’s epic F1 supercar.

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Electric cars, such as Toyota’s original Prius, BMW’s radical i3 and Tesla’s Model S all make an appearance, but you won’t find cars like Volkswagen’s original Beetle, Citroen’s 2CV or even Ford’s humble but sector-defining first generation Focus.

Commenting on the list, Autocar's editor Mark Tisshaw said: “Innovation and upheaval is what the automotive industry is all about, and Autocar has been covering it each and every step of the way, since 1895. We’ve picked the cars that we feel have really left their mark on history but now we want our well-informed readers to tell us which is the most important of all.”

Source: Autocar

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