Want a piece of Donald Trump motoring memorabilia? His unique Cadillac limo is for sale...

Want the world to think you’re Donald Trump? Sounds like a bizarre fantasy to us, but a garage in Gloucestershire is selling a Cadillac limousine that was designed specially for him.

The 1988 Cadillac Trump (named after Donald himself) was intended to be one of a fleet of 50. Only two made it into production, with this one being imported into the UK just a few years into its life.

For its first three years, reports suggest it lived with a member of Trump’s family before it was banished to British soil in 1991.

It’s covered an easy 45,000 miles over its lifetime, although its latest MOT suggests it’s not exactly rust-free underneath. It is, to be fair, a 29-year-old Cadillac.

Severnvale Cars in Gloucestershire is selling on behalf of a customer who’s been clinging onto it in the hope Trump’s presidency might give its value a boost. While we think the £50,000 asking price might be a tad optimistic, the garage has said it will be auctioned later in the year – when it might fetch a fairer value.

“This is a unique vehicle that offers a rare opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to buy a car that will always attract interest,” said Severnvale’s commercial director, Sean Tanner.

“We know the current owner well. He bought the Cadillac ten years ago and it’s been his pride and joy. It has even starred in a couple of films, so we hope this will fetch a good price.”

Inside the 5.0-litre Trump is a television with VCR along with a paper shredder – just what a high profile businessman needs. And, of course, there’s a drinks cabinet and built-in safe.

Thom Coupar-Evans, commercial director at Exchange and Mart, where the Cadillac is advertised, said: “There is so much interest in President Trump and this one-off opportunity to purchase both a piece of history and a potential investment means that we are expecting this to attract a lot of interest from UK buyers.”

Source: Exchange and Mart

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