White van man is under a lot of pressure these days. If it’s not about making all the daily deliveries on time, it’s the need to continually stay legal and safe on the road. An easy target for the criminal fraternity, keeping the van and its load safe is paramount.

Fortunately for the many hard-pressed road warriors out there, Volkswagen’s commercial business has decided to offer a range of high-tech dashcams to help van drivers record any dodgy driving and the growing scourge of ‘crash for cash’ scams.

Being hit by what seems to be a dozy driver, or being tricked into hitting another vehicle, is a growing menace. And when you van is your livelihood, you can’t afford for it to be off the road for longer than is necessary - especially when it could leave you out of pocket.

Step forward Volkswagen, who has partnered with Kenwood to offer what it believes is a range of dashcams boasting a wealth of features aimed at keeping the driver safe through a variety of warnings, to recording the view ahead in case you need to rely on it later.

Volkswagen’s entry-level model, priced from £175, has the ability to record in both dark and light conditions and the wide-angle lens captures the entire road ahead and ensures all angles are covered in the unfortunate event of a collision. In addition, it also offers drivers a clear and audible initial warning to help avert front end collisions, lane departure and departure delay, potentially lowering the risk of accidents at all times of the day and night.

Commenting on the technology, Trevor Hodgson-Phillips, head of service and parts at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “All commercial vehicle drivers need the best possible equipment available and the new DRV-410 is an exceptional piece of kit. With its expert safety features and HDR technology, it provides state-of-the-art assistance to drivers in warning them of potential accidents, lane departures and capturing footage of the entire road ahead.”