Test McLaren 12C vs. 650S vs. 720S: Let's do some Mac history

If you want to know how to make an airport parking garage as glamorous as possible, then just throw in a few British supercars, play a little with the acceleration pedal (and the gullwing doors), and then let the wild caravan whip out of the garage in a fierce, rustling blur. And if you’re worried about getting out, then simply escape under the gate.

By now, you’ve probably realised that I am in the middle of a martial McLaren conglomerate. The supercar manufacturer from Woking thought it was time to show what it had learned since its 2009 resurrection, twelve years after the legendary F1. We had nothing against actively supporting an evaluation that put the MP4-12C, 650S and 720S in one pile. Admit it, you wouldn't necessarily run away screaming either.

If you're even a bit interested in sports cars, you'll know that the new McLaren era began with the MP4-12C, hitting markets in 2011. The odd name may bring up thoughts of a groundbreaking dynamic washing machine, but this was actually McLaren's idea of a Ferrari 458 competitor. In all its Formula One nerdiness, McLaren let us all know that it built the best supercar in the world and that it could scientifically prove it. Not everyone saw this in a similarly professional way, though. For many, the 12C was too much about lap times and too little about fun.

2018 McLaren Roadtrip 12C 650S 720S

Oh, how times change. I flatten...