2016 Range Rover Evoque review: Desirability to spare


The Range Rover Evoque is only one of the most fashionable, desirable cars around – it may be compact, but its badge has the same cachet as the bigger, more expensive Range Rovers. It's already one of Land Rover’s best-selling cars of all time, and the bedrock on which the firm’s recent success has been built. It's not the best small SUV to drive, nor is it the most practical, but it's got plenty going for it regardless. 

Body Style: SUV                      Seats: 5                                 MRP from £30,760 - £55,300

Did you know? The Evoque was inspired by the original Land Rover LRX concept car, which was only designed to have three doors at first. 

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Verdict 6.0 / 10

The Evoque has been with us since 2011, but shows no signs of its success slowing down. It’s a car that sells primarily on looks, and it's not hard to see why it has sold so well on that basis, while underneath there’s a solid base of traditional Land Rover capability. It’s seriously impressive off-road and comfortable on the tarmac. However, it is far from the best small SUV to drive, being a bit stodgy round corners and with engines that, while adequate, deliver neither the best performance nor the best efficiency in the class. There are also far more practical alternat...