Skoda is doubling up in the electric SUV category. After the Enyaq, directly derived from the VW ID.4, the Czech manufacturer is presenting the Elroq, based on the same platform as most of the Volkswagen Group's zero-emission vehicles, but smaller in size than its big brother.

The Elroq is 4.5 metres long, which puts it a notch below the Enyaq (which is 17 centimetres longer). In addition to the same mechanical base, the design of Skoda's new battery-powered SUV is evolving. Although still camouflaged, the Elroq already has the typical features of the Modern Solid styling path introduced with the Epiq concept and with which the company is defining the new family of models.

Skoda Elroq: platform and dimensions

When it comes to the Volkswagen Group's electric cars, with a few exceptions, we're talking about the MEB platform. It was created to launch the German giant into the race for zero-emission vehicles and serves as the basis, in its various variants, for a whole series of models, from the ID.3 to the ID.Buzz, via the ID.4, the ID.5 and the ID.7. To stay within the Wolfsburg brand's universe, it is also used by Skoda, Seat-Cupra and Audi.

Skoda Elroq

Skoda Elroq

The Skoda Elroq is based precisely on the mid-range version of the famous platform and in a way foreshadows another expected model: the ID.3 SUV, which will perhaps be the closest electric car in terms of configuration, performance and dimensions.

The Elroq is 4.5 metres long and is available in different battery and power variants. It will also be possible to choose between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

Precise figures have not yet been released, but it is assumed that the car will have a generous wheelbase, slightly less than that of the Enyaq, and a weight that should start at just over 1,800 kg in the rear-wheel drive and smaller battery versions.

  • Length : 4.49 metres
  • Width : n.a.
  • Height : n/a
  • Wheelbase : approx. 2.7 metres
  • Weight : approx. 1,800 kg
Volkswagen ID.3 77 kW 2024

Volkswagen ID.3 from 2024 with 77 kW batteries

Skoda Elroq: space on board

Skoda has always been synonymous with spacious interiors. It has always distinguished itself with models that were a few centimetres longer than the segment average, and has always sought to manage the space available in a particularly efficient way.

The same philosophy can be found inside the Elroq, which Skoda wanted to create with simple, linear lines offering maximum comfort on board. Here, by using an exclusively electric platform, it can further accentuate this feature. All of this is done with respect for the environment, using materials such as Recytitan fabric, 78% of which is made from recycled PET.

Skoda Elroq

Skoda Elroq: fold down the seats and you get a load volume of 1,580 litres.

In terms of boot space, the Elroq lives up to expectations. The rear compartment has a declared capacity of 470 litres. By folding down the rear bench, this increases to 1,580 litres. The car has no boot, but in keeping with the 'simply clever' approach, whereby Skoda cars are equipped with a range of intelligent solutions to everyday problems, it has a net under the luggage compartment cover in which charging cables can be stowed.

  • Luggage compartment : 470/1,580 litres
  • Luggage compartment : n/a

Skoda Elroq: the software

As this is still a pre-launch model, little is known about the software. The car will be equipped with a 5-inch screen behind the steering wheel dedicated to instrumentation, a head-up display (offered as an option) and a central 13-inch diagonal touchscreen.

In terms of infotainment, the car will use the latest version of software available from Volkswagen and, like all the group's other latest-generation cars, will be compatible with over-the-air updates.

Skoda Elroq: battery and range

The Skoda Elroq will be available with three battery sizes. They have a gross capacity of 55, 63 and 82 kWh. However, in terms of usable kWh, the values fall to 52, 59 and 77. With the two smaller batteries, it will be possible to choose rear-wheel drive only, with relative power outputs of 170 PS (the car is called Elroq 50 and has a 52 kWh battery) and 204 PS (Elroq 60 with a 59 kWh battery). With the 77 kWh battery, however, there will be two versions: Elroq 85 and Elroq 85x. The former has rear-wheel drive and 285 PS, while the latter has two electric motors, all-wheel drive and 299 PS.

In terms of range, the model that manages to cover the greatest distance on a full tank of electrons, the Elroq 85, promises to travel up to 349 miles before having to stop at a charging station. At least, that's the figure certified to the WLTP standard in the combined cycle.

Skoda Elroq

Skoda Elroq: DC charging up to 175 kW

Skoda Elroq: charging

As with the Group's other electric vehicles, a larger battery means it can be recharged at higher speeds in direct current, of course. In detail, the Skoda Elroq 50 accepts power of up to 125 kW, the Elroq 60 up to 150 kW and the Elroq 85 and 85x up to 175 kW. This means that the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in around 28 minutes. For alternating current, the car must use an on-board charger rated at 11 kW.

Skoda Elroq: price

The Elroq will be launched in 2025. We'll have to wait until it goes on sale to get an idea of prices, which have yet to be announced.