The motor industry is an important part of the modern world, but it is a significant contributor to the climate crisis. It is the role of companies like Motul to develop new formulas which will tackle the challenges of tomorrow, and make our roads cleaner.

Motul is known worldwide as an engine oil manufacturer.

Partner to some of the most prestigious car makers, suppliers, racing teams and events, the brand has built an impressive reputation, even amongst the world’s largest oil & gas companies.

However, Motul is not just about racing.

It also boasts a remarkable history of innovation, as the inventor of the multigrade engine oil, and then both the world’s first semi-synthetic and the world’s first fully synthetic engine oils.

Taking its Motul century product, Motul pioneered the use of esters in engine oil and introduced ester coreò - Motul’s secret for providing the best protection - to create Motul 300V, the ultimate racing product.

Motul marked its 170th year in business with a further historic milestone in lubricant development: NGEN.

Mathieu Jouan, Project Manager, says: “NGEN is the most important launch for Motul in years, a product that mixes innovation and performance.”

“It has always been in Motul’s DNA to tackle new challenges. In this changing world we have to think about our activities and their impact on the environment.”

NGEN’s uniqueness relies on being made of regenerated base oils. These are highly processed and filtered used engine oils, which Motul transforms into a high-quality product and which, after years of R&D, mixed with some of its highest-performing formulas, has produced one of the best engine oils available on the market.

As Julien Plet, R&D Director, points out: “Back in the day, regenerated oils had a very bad reputation.

“But trust me, they’ve come a long way since. These oils are performing even better than their fully synthetic counterparts - and this is just the beginning of the NGEN revolution!”

NGEN 5, made for motorbikes and ATVs, is the perfect product for leisure and adventure riders, who look for performance and protection to go miles and miles further and open up to new perspectives.

Whereas NGEN 5 is dedicated to leisure and casual riders, who like to feel the breeze and the engine roar in their quest for freedom, NGEN 7 is for adventure and sport riders.

Therefore this oil offers higher performance, together with improved clutch response for powerful engines, as well as having high temperature resistance and strong clutch grip.

The NGEN range follows Motul’s mantra of performance first – no compromise. But it does so in an environmentally conscious way, ensuring the best quality and protection in all conditions!