In many ways, the Volkswagen ID.4 is a key model in the German group's strategy towards electrification. Firstly, it is the brand's best-selling electric vehicle. Secondly, it was the first to be marketed worldwide (the ID.3 was initially only sold in Europe).

A generously sized SUV, it is the second model in the ID family, just behind the ID.3. It made its market debut at the end of 2020 and was voted Car of the Year 2021, beating another electric car, the Honda e, and the world-renowned Toyota Yaris hybrid.

An "electric only" platform

The Volkswagen ID.4 is based on the MEB platform that Volkswagen has been developing since 2026 for its new family of electric cars. The ID.4 was anticipated by the ID.CROZZ concept, which, along with the ID, defined the style of the brand's electric cars and the technology behind the group's zero-emission models that appeared in the following years.

The MEB platform has a modular structure and the capacity to accommodate batteries of different sizes. It can also be used as the basis for two-wheel-drive models, with a single electric motor (usually mounted at the rear), or four-wheel-drive models, with an electric motor on each axle.

Plateforme MEB Volkswagen

The Volkswagen MEB platform

All the space you need

The Volkswagen ID.4 is 4.58 metres long, 1.85 metres wide and 1.61 metres high. Its regular shapes and sleek design make it imposing without weighing it down. A model designed to be efficient, its Cx has been taken care of by numerous details: the front air intakes, which direct the air flow, the door handles and the rear spoiler are just a few examples.

Thanks to its electric nature and 2.76-metre wheelbase, it offers plenty of space on board for occupants and luggage. Inside, you'll find plenty of leg and head room, even in the rear. The boot has a capacity of 543 litres, rising to 1,575 litres when the second row is folded down.

Extérieur de la Volkswagen ID.4, conforme aux normes européennes 2024

The restyled Volkswagen ID.4 2023

The boot has a regular shape and a good design with hooks, side compartments and a practical double bottom for storing charging cables.

  • Length : 4.58 metres
  • Width : 1.85 metres
  • Height : 1.61 metres
  • Wheelbase : 2.76 metres
  • Boot capacity : 543 to 1,575 litres

A completely revised powertrain

The ID.4 and its SUV-coupe variant, the ID.5, accounted for the bulk of Volkswagen's EV sales, achieving more than 223,000 registrations out of a total of 771,000 cars. At the end of 2023, the car underwent a major update which, rather than touching on styling in detail, brought a substantial technical overhaul.

One of the most important new features concerned the electric motors. The ID.4 was the first model to adopt APP550 motor, which it shares with the ID.7. This is a rear-axle-mounted motor that develops 286 PS and 545 Nm of torque (previous models had 204 PS and 310 Nm). In four-wheel drive versions, the motor is combined with a second unit mounted on the front axle (which has not been upgraded), bringing the system's output to 340 PS.

In addition to the motors, Volkswagen has also worked on other aspects of the powertrain. For example, battery charging power has been increased from 77 kWh to 175 kW for all-wheel drive models and 135 kW for rear-wheel drive models. The German manufacturer has also worked on the energy management software, improving the overall efficiency of the drive system and consequently range. To improve charging Volkswagen has also introduced battery preconditioning which reduces the time spent at the charging station.

Euro-spec 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 esterno

The preconditioning function, which brings the battery to an ideal temperature for recharging, can be managed automatically by the car via the navigation system, which also programmes stops, but can also be activated manually via the infotainment menu.

The new infotainment

Speaking of infotainment, at the end of 2023 the Volkswagen ID.4 received the new advanced voice assistant system with a 12.9-inch central touchscreen (previously it stopped at 10 inches). The user interface has also changed, becoming more intuitive and making it easier to navigate between the different areas of the menu.

Intérieur de la Volkswagen ID.4 2024 aux spécifications européennes

In the cabin, there is now a central 12.9-inch touchscreen.

The larger screen has also been introduced by the decision to move the driving mode selector from the tunnel to the steering column. Beneath the central screen are new touch-sensitive buttons (now backlit) for controlling the air conditioning and radio volume.

Another new feature (but optional) is an advanced head-up display with augmented reality, which projects more information than ever before onto the windscreen, such as remaining range, average fuel consumption and battery charge level.

Safety as standard

With the latest update, the ID.4 has also received an injection of technology on the active safety front. All versions come as standard with cruise control, parking assistance, emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, lane keeping assist, anti-skid braking on bends, driver fatigue detection and traffic sign recognition.

Additional packages can be added on request, including adaptive cruise control (which has also been enhanced), Travel Assist with emergency manoeuvring assistance, reversing camera, Side Assist Plus with lane departure warning and surveillance, and the proactive passenger protection system.

Assemblage de la Volkswagen ID.4 à Chattanooga, Tennessee

The ID.4 is produced in Europe, China and the United States.

The range

The ID.4 is currently available with two battery sizes: 52 and 77 kWh. In the first case, only the 170 PS rear-wheel drive version can be chosen. In the second case, the range is wider. There are rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models with 286 PS and the GTX variant, at the top of the range, which, in addition to four-wheel drive, develops 340 PS (299 PS in UK).

Prices in UK

Version Battery Charging Power Price
ID.4 Life 77 kW 135 kW 286 PS £46,375
ID.4 Style 77 kW 135 kW 286 PS £49,780
ID.4 GTX 77 kW 150 kW 299 PS £54,205

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Source: Volkswagen