Tuning your car can be a rather expensive endeavour. From a simple plug-in tuner to full-on engine rebuild with high performance parts, the decision to tune your car will present you with a never-ending spectrum of options.

For tuners – either experienced or those venturing into the world of car modification for the first time – eBay has practically every avenue covered.

Car performance exhaust parts

Car performance exhaust parts

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Often the first port of call when it comes to tuning your car, modifying or swapping your car's exhaust can not only improve the sound, but the overall performance of your car, too. And there's many ways you can go about it – you can opt for a complete performance exhaust system with all of the necessary parts included, or you can do it in sections, purchasing silencers, tailpipes and tips, downpipes, centre pipes, and more.

Car fuel systems & injection parts

Car fuel systems & injection parts

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Modifying the fuel system is another wide-ranging area to modify. You can keep it simple by swapping out the filter, or you can go all the way with a new fuel cell or tank, a new fuel pump, throttle body, injectors, the lot.

Car body, exterior, and interior styling parts

BMW M550i with AC Schnitzer body kit

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... and interior styling parts here

So you’ve got the performance of your car exactly where you want it, now it needs to look the part.

When it comes to modifications, altering the appearance of your car is the ultimate way of not only expressing your personality, but well and truly making it your own, too.

eBay has a wide selection of exterior parts, from practical things like protectors, and bumper covers, to badges, body kits, grilles and vents, even new aerials.

And it’s not just exterior parts, either. You can carry out your personalisation on the interior too.

Again, you can keep it simple with basic covers from your seats and steering wheel, or you can swap those parts out entirely, along with switches and seatbelts, even entire new centre consoles. There really is no limit to what you can do!

Car air intake & induction parts

Car air intake & induction parts

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Another simple area of modification that can start out simple, and get crazy if you so wish. A simple air filter change can give you a slight performance advantage while giving you a few more decibels to enjoy.

Or, if you're feeling a bit more bold, you can shoot to the other end of the spectrum and whack a turbo onto your car's engine. Yep, both clock into the same department, and both – and more – are available on eBay.

Car performance suspension parts

Car performance suspension parts

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It’s not all about under the bonnet when it comes to car tuning though. What helps that power onto the road is also important.

A key element there is suspension, and there's plenty of options for suspension upgrades and modifications to fit all budgets. From lowering kits to performance coilovers, lift kits and new shock absorbers. There's also full performance suspension kits and even air and hyndraulic packages if the low rider thing is your, erm, bag.

Car performance braking parts

Car performance braking parts

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So we’ve covered the ‘go’, but what about the opposite. That’s right, brakes. A well-rounded modified car doesn’t just need to deliver bucket loads of extra horsepower and more noise to boot, it also needs to be able to handle all of those changes, which is where the aforementioned suspension, and brake upgrades are crucial.

Improving the brakes on your car can be as simple as swapping out the pads or discs, or it can be much more involved with new brake lines and fittings, or master cylinders. You can even simply paint your callipers another colour – it won't deliver an improvement in performance, but if done right, it could elevate your car's appearance.