Spring is just around the corner, so you know exactly what that means. But as well as giving your house a spring clean, why not spruce up your car, too?

As the weather improves, so will the road conditions, so it’s time to get rid of that winter grime – plus cleaning your car is also a much better experience when the temperatures aren’t in the minuses and the rain’s pelting down.

So, car cleaning; what are you going to need? eBay has you covered:

Car wash soap

Car wash soap

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Let’s start simple, to wash your car, you’re going to need soap. And no, we don’t mean a bar of soap or dish soap.

Just like you wouldn’t use drain cleaner to wash yourself, cars need their own kind of soap, too. These will keep the car’s paint in tip-top condition, all while removing the stubborn things like rubber build-up, insects, and other road dirt that accumulates over time.

But the soap is only part of the equation when it comes to the wash…

Mitts, Bonnets & Buffing Pads

Mitts, Bonnets & Buffing Pads2

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Of course, a good ol’ sponge can do the job, to a point, but if you really want the best finish for your car, an appropriate wash mit and/or buffing pad is essential.

They’ll absorb the water and help move that dirt that remains after the initial rise out of the way. What’s more, the dreaded swirl marks and scratches will also be kept to a minimum if you choose the right wash mitt.

Wheel & Tyre Cleaners & Polishes

Wheel & Tyre Cleaners & Polishes

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With the bodywork nice and clean, attention now turns to the wheels and tyres. Once again, they’ll require their own products.

Some will suggest even cleaning the wheels and tyres first, while others will recommend you clean them more often that the car itself to get rid of the build-up from the brakes and tyres that quickly accumulates and leads to corrosion and other issues.

As well as the right cleaning products, investing in a proper brush to clean your wheels is also a must.

Car Glass Care & Water Repellent

Car Glass Care & Water Repellent2

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So that’s the paint work, wheels, and tyres all taken care of, so what’s left? The glass.

Not only do you want the glass to look clean and streak free, but dirty glass can also be a safety issue if it means your visibility is impaired.

So what are you going to need? Well, glass cleaner! And a cloth. And fortunately, all of that's available on eBay as well.

Waxes & Polishes

Waxes & Polishes

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Time for the cherry on the cake. Once you’re done with the wash, really finish the job with a quality wax.

This isn’t just about adding an extra sparkle to your pride and joy – although that’s a big part of it – but it’ll add an extra layer of protection to repel dirt and debris after the wash.

Car Interior Cleaners & Protectant

Car Interior Cleaners & Protectant

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And finally… With the car’s exterior looking showroom fresh, now you’ve got to turn your attention to the interior, and since that’ll be where you spend a good portion of your time, you’re going to want it to be clean and comfortable.

Car interiors contain a range of different surfaces and materials, many of which will require their own products. Thankfully, as is the case for the outside of your car, when it comes to the inside too, eBay's once again got you covered.