The Volkswagen ID.4 just started hitting dealerships in the US and the EV hasn't been on sale in Europe for very long. If you're considering buying one, there are already many reviews from both the US and Europe you can watch or read to help you decide. Most ID.4 reviews have been positive, but not all.

The above video is from the Electrifying YouTube channel. The UK-based channel specialises in EV reviews and comparisons. The presenter likes a lot about the Volkswagen ID.4 including its conservative look, nice looking interior, quick and easy-to-use infotainment system, roomy front and back seats, cargo space, its pleasant and comfortable ride, and its ability to tow. She likes it quite a lot, I'm surprised she didn't recommend it. 

She complained about some cheap plastic interior parts and wants the option of having one-pedal driving. Her biggest complaint was the ID.4's efficiency. She says the driving range should be longer and was hoping for 4 mi/kWh, she was getting 3 mi/kWh in mixed driving. 

The driving range is important but not for everyone, and neither is one-pedal driving. I like one-pedal driving but many people new to EVs probably aren't familiar with it. Also, the range for the ID.4 is comparable to the Ford Mustang Mach-E and to the Tesla Model Y's real-world range. I have a feeling that when presenters aren't in favour of the ID.4 it has more to do with how exciting the EV is. The ID.4 is practical, comfortable, and spacious but it's not fun to drive like the Mach-E or fast like the Model Y. Two things that most consumers could care less about.