Has your car made the top 10?

After a turbulent 2019, car makers might have been hoping the UK market would level out in 2020. So far, though, that hasn’t been the case.

In January, new car registrations were down by more than seven percent compared with the same month 2019, despite the increased demand for hybrid and electric cars. And then the coronavirus saw factories close their doors and dealers suspend traditional sales operations.

All of which meant sales almost halved in March, then fall by more than 97 percent in April. Overall, 2020 has so far seen the market slump by around half. But there are some signs that a recovery is on the cards, and around 1.7 million new cars are expected to hit the road this year, so drivers are clearly still in a buying mood.

But if we’re buying cars, the question remains: what are we buying? Well, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) collects data on such things, and we’ve taken the year-to-date numbers for a 2020 that's already eight months old (how did that happen?) to produce this top 10.

All registration figures are correct as of the end of August 2020, based on figures from the SMMT.

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