Ah, the Jaguar XJ. Since the late 1960s, this quintessentially British luxury machine has graced the roadways of the world with its elegantly understated design, handsome interior appointments, and inspiring performance. There’s a new XJ on the way – the first one in over a decade – which was recently teased at the Land Rover Defender debut in early September. We expect to see it revealed next year as a 2021 model, and it will eventually be available both with internal-combustion power or a fully electric powertrain.

That makes this driver-perspective trip down memory lane a bit more bittersweet. Throughout its lifespan, the XJ has been a stalwart of prestige for the Coventry-based car maker. It’s also stirred the soul with its range of engines that, over the years, have included everything from delectable inline-six and V12 soundtracks to raucous supercharged V8s. A new electric XJ will likely be very quick and supremely luxurious, but also extremely quiet.

The folks at Budget Direct have an ongoing series of cool renderings depicting the driver’s perspective of iconic cars over the years, and the XJ is the latest feature. Roll through our slideshow above to see how the glorious Jag’s greenhouse has evolved through the decades.