With 34 episodes available on Amazon Prime, The Grand Tour now has lap times for more than two dozen vehicles around the show's fearsome Eboladrome test track.

Having earned its name due to the circuit's visual similarity to the Ebola virus, the Wiltshire circuit consists of a long section called the "Isn't Straight" that allows for high-speed driving, while the "Your Name Here" loop provides a perfect opportunity for drifting. The driver then doubles back along the course, until he or she reaches a sharp right that leads to a similarly hard left turn. The "Bumpy Back Straight" offers another chance to test a vehicle's speed. After a pair of 90-degree lefts, the timed lap ends.

Since starting, The Grand Tour has had two professional drivers performing its timed laps. Mike Skinner did the job during the first season, while Abbie Eaton took over the job for season two.

Check out the slides above to see some of the quickest performance cars ever to run the course.