We look at some of the highlights from Rolls-Royce's most successful year ever.

Rolls-Royce has made its name selling top-end vehicles to some of the richest people on the planet. But sometimes, having one of the world’s most expensive saloon cars just isn’t enough for the world’s oil sheikhs and oligarchs.

No, they want something a little more personalised than that, and that’s where Rolls-Royce has been making huge efforts. With its Bespoke programme, you too can have your Rolls fitted with pink carpets and orange seats, or perhaps you’re more tasteful. Maybe you’d just go for a kind of wood that only grows in a tiny coppice just outside Ulaanbaatar.

But if you did, you’d only be scratching the surface of what Rolls-Royce can do. If you’ve got the money and the vision, Rolls can pretty much make it happen. Laser-etched custom designs on the dashboard and constellations on the roof are all well within the brand’s remit.

It’s an approach that’s found favour with the world’s rich and famous. Rolls-Royce is celebrating record-breaking success in 2018, and to add our own nod to the Sussex-based firm’s good fortune, we thought we’d have a quick whip around some of the best Bespoke models to leave Goodwood in the past 12 months.