The CMT (Caravan, Motor, Tourism) Show in Stuttgart, Germany is the world's largest public trade fair for showing off the latest in campers, trailers, and all the associated accessories. More than 2,000 exhibitors from almost 100 countries show off their wares there, including around 850 RVs of all kinds.

Germans love their cars, and that passion extends to camping vehicles, too. The interest has only been growing because RV registrations reached a new record there in 2018. The German Caravaning Association found that sales of new motorhomes were up 15 percent that year, which translated to 46,800 new motorhomes on the country's roads. That figure didn't even account for the growing trend of people renting an RV for a trip rather than investing to own one.'s German team was able to check out the CMT Show and reported back on some the coolest campers there were there.