Minichamps, Bburago, Norev... if you like car models, it is highly likely that those names ring a bell in your mind. And if you're anything like us, it’s safe to assume that what began in childhood years with Matchbox cars is now an expensive hobby.

Just like in any other product on the market, scale models are also divided into different segments and classes price-wise. At the top of the food chain sits Amalgam Collection, the only maker of model cars that can be considered alongside a maker of fine watches or perhaps a high-class jeweller.

But what makes the Amalgam models so special? The truth is that there are many factors: the quality of the reproduction, the level of craftsmanship, the exclusivity and, last but not least, the price. That’s the magical recipe.

If you are still not familiar with the company’s creations, we invite you to discover some of them through this photo gallery. Enjoy!