From legendary supercars to prototypes, automotive cutaways don't get any better than this.

It's the New Years break, and the family is enjoying a peaceful holiday season at home. Our best wishes go to readers around the world, and as we’re nursing hangovers and eating our own body weights in mince pies, our car-wired brains can’t help but unwrap some leftover gifts in these amazing Kimble cutaway drawings, courtesy of the best automotive cutaway artist of all time. Of course, we’re talking about David Kimble – a dedicated motoring enthusiast and extremely talented artist with a career spanning five decades.

We’ve had the good fortune to speak with Kimble and get an up-close look at his handiwork through numerous high-resolution scans – each one a unique example of automotive art to the highest degree. As with any such creative endeavor, the true artistry is found in the details and Kimble never fails to deliver. Look closely at the cars in the above slideshow and you’ll see camshaft sprockets under the bonnet, or stitches in leather seats. Look really close, however, and you’ll see threads on lug studs and weld marks on frame supports. Things you’d never notice at a passing glance are faithfully recreated, and Kimble does it all the old fashioned way – with pencil, paint, and canvas.

Between smoothie treatments and dinner leftovers, we invite you to spend a few moments with some of the coolest cars ever built, recreated in painstaking detail and presented in a way few people have ever seen.