Yes, fish-out-of-water stories are clichéd but that’s because they’re almost always interesting. Case-in-point is this feature, which draws on the creative minds at Budget Direct for a theme we’ve occasionally covered in’s digital halls. Take an ultra-expensive hypercar that usually sits in a hermetically sealed garage, bolt on gnarly tyres, and go and enjoy all kinds of taboo off-road tomfoolery.

This time around, however, it’s not something crazy like apocalyptic battle cars. Instead, we’re exploring the notion of current supercars recast as rally cars, and actually, it’s not such a stretch of the imagination. Lest we forget, two of the most iconic supercars from the 1980s (and arguably of all time) were designed to conquer rally stages. We’re talking about the Ferrari 288 GTO and Porsche 959, and though the Killer Bs disappeared before the Ferrari could literally fly through stages, we’ve seen what a rally-prepped 959 can do. And it’s freaking glorious.

Now, let’s see what some other notable modern-day supercars could become with a bit of ground clearance and some bravado behind the wheel. And for no particular reason, we’ll laugh at the ridiculousness of one decidedly non-supercar machine cast into a similar role. Oh the humanity.