Scandals and restrictions have taken its toll on a number of car manufacturers.

Diesel has been a huge part of the automotive industry for years now. Its combination of low-down grunt and relative economy made it a compelling option, and one that governments and punters alike were keen to capitalise upon. As a result, pretty much every car manufacturer you care to mention has invested heavily in diesel technology.

But, that's a thing of the past now. Scandals involving diesel emissions have tarnished the fuel's reputation, and stricter regulations from several countries have forced manufacturers to ultimately veer away from including diesel-fed cars in their range. With that, sales numbers of diesel-powered cars continue to drop, particularly in Europe. It's a sad story, but one that we've had coming, with government policy pushing people to make polluting fuel choices.

To date, there are 13 car makers that have announced that their ranges will be diesel-free zones. Browse through the gallery to see the list.