It wasn't easy to get the guys in the office back to work after the Lancia Delta Futurista restomod was unveiled. The gorgeous restomod elicited more 'ooh's and 'aah's from our team than the fastest Ferrari or the most outrageous Lamborghini.

Then someone piped up and interrupted everyone's daydreams by suggesting that, at £270,000, Automobili Amos' creation was "a bit pricey" and that you could have pretty much anything on sale today for the same money. It was a valid point, and one that caused a bit of a row, as we tried to narrow down the 10 new cars we'd buy instead of the Delta should our Christmas bonuses top a quarter of a million (they won't - we aren't merchant bankers).

After many small fights and a bit of swearing, this is what we came up with. And if you disagree or think something else should have been included, just let us know.

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