It’s easy to forget how far McLaren has come in the last 10 years as a car manufacturer – OK, we’ll skip over the mediocre racing results – from tinkering with Mercedes SLRs to the launch of the tech-focused MP4-12C sports car and now a full range of supercars and a firm place in the establishment as a major performance player. 

That it does so out of an iconic headquarters that would make a Bond villain proud is also impressive, but we can’t think of a baddie who would go to the same lengths of planting tens of thousands of trees and rehoming wild animals to protect the local environment. 

The McLaren Technology Centre is a perfect fit for the company though – the Ferrari joint at Maranello sprawls out over a distance with a mish-mash of buildings, while the likes of Porsche and Lamborghini bear the fingerprints of their corporate overlords. Yes, the MTC is just right for a business-like control free overachiever with a clear vision and too much money. 

We got to visit the MTC recently, with none other than the daughter of company founder Bruce McLaren as our guide. Click on the next button above to read on. 

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